Our abrasive is made up from top quality angular almandine granite; it is natural, ecological, chemically inert and produced specifically for processes with water jet cutting machines. The exceptional hardness and consistency of the grain guarantee maximum cutting yield and a high cut surface quality.
Its purity and impurity features are guaranteed by a special “wet cleaning” system, which eliminates all problems caused by dusts.


It is supplied in strong bags weighing 25 Kg. each, with 3 protective layers (two in paper and an intermediate plastic layer) against humidity. The bags are packaged inside a large bag (big bag weighing 1 Ton) in “plastic” and with loading handles, which can then be used to dispose of the worn abrasive.

The code of the loose material inside the 1 Ton big bag is also available.


Given its hardness features (7.5/8 on Moh’s scale), the low friability and high specific weight (4.1 T/m3) the abrasive sand is also particularly suitable for industrial sanding operations. .
We also carry out a disposal service of working slurry



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