Abrasive garnet for water jet cutting and sandblasting.
Abrajet has chosen transparency and cutting quality.


PompaAbrajet is addressing all users of the water jet cutting technology using abrasive, such as suppliers of abrasive sand and with the same role it approaches to the sandblasting and the treatment plant markets.

During the jet water cutting process with abrasive, the very high pressure water, after having passed through a calibrated orifice is transformed into a jet that comes into contact with the abrasive sand in the mixing chamber, which has been introduced into the cutting head.
The jet of water, the abrasive and the air create a highly turbulent flow that is guided through a nozzle (tungsten carbide, length of about 80 mm) until a coherent beam is formed  that penetrates into the material to be cut, abrading it progressively.
Cutting using abrasive allows to cut hard metals such as metals, stone, glass, ceramics etc. up to thicknesses of 300 mm.

Different cutting qualities can be obtained depending on cutting speed, the quality and quantity of the abrasive used.


In the sandblasting field it is used a high pressure jet which mixes air and abrasive sand, allowing to erode the top layer of a material (marble, metal, and others ).
Sandblasting is used in several fields: in mechanical industry field, in the marine field, in the construction field ( for removing of graffiti and writing on the walls ), in the treatment of plumbing  and others.

Another field is on the water treatment.

Depending on the type of work it is available different grits of abrasive sand.